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Empowering Tech Leaders through technology & Innovation

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You have a vision, let’s chart your path.


You are:

A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNER who has been supporting and solving problems for your customers for years and knows that you can do even more for them by extending and optimizing your online services and products.

A STRATEGIC CORPORATE LEADER solving strategic problems for your organization, leading teams to reach company goals, who wants to supercharge your potential.

A DEDICATED EMPLOYEE that is full of ideas that can change your company and the world, but are not in the position to have a say in the matter.

YOU ARE INSPIRED by the knowledge and opportunities that the information technology age has provided and you are dreaming bigger than you ever have before. With the right encouragement, information, and support you can ignite the change that you wish to see.

Amoni hears you and is ready to create, build & innovate WITH you.


Big city inspiration.

Amoni Technology Studio is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, a city that is bustling and changing by the second.  There is no better place to feel the effects of innovation than in a major city.  We believe that with change comes opportunity and we want to shine a light on as many opportunities as possible by igniting the innovative spirit of our clients and beyond.

Signature Services

How we do it

Let us take you on a ride.  On this journey, we will work with you to connect with your market, streamline your processes, define your product and build your team to realize your potential for success.  

Customer Connect

Your first step.

Supercharge your entrepreneur spidey-senses by understanding and connecting with your customers through a proven 3 step process.

Free Your Mind & Your Time

Escape from mundane tasks.

Too much software? Don’t care! Escape from mundane tasks and software hell.  Integrate your software, manage your projects and automate your business through one interface.

Inspiration to Realization™

Bring your digital product to life.

Ever feel the need for some glue between your business vision and your tech team? Bring your tech-based solution to life with technical product management support.

Realization to Organization™

Organization & Founding team design.

You have found a product-market fit!  Let’s build the squad that can go the distance to your vision.

From Our Founder

The time is now.

I empower untapped future tech leaders of tomorrow.

As a native “Angeleno” and a true creative techie, I have lived on the border between creativity and technology my entire life. I am a singer, songwriter, dancer, artist and have worked as a web software engineer for almost 20 years in various industries, from start-ups to working with lead engineers at Raytheon. As a senior software engineer, my favorite projects were the ones where I had the opportunity to work directly with the end user creating solutions for their success. That collaborative process of going from a problem to a working solution that boosted the success of a company or department is where I thrive.  Over the years my conversations with others, about online technology have evolved tremendously. I am amazed by the brilliant ideas and solutions that family, friends and colleagues have presented to me and how they plan to implement it using technology. The number one question they come to me with is… “How do I get started?” It is these interactions that inspired me to start Amoni Technology Studio.

Let’s do this.

Nya Smith Assis

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